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National King Ketchup Competition

The National King Ketchup Competition is hosted by the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy at its Epicurean Tomato Fete in Lenox, MA the first weekend after Labor Day, in conjunction with the Berkshire Columbia Slow Food convivium. It will take place this year on September 7, 2003. The competition is designed to foster both the reproduction of historic ketchup styles, which before the advent of commercial ketchup numbered in the hundreds, and to encourage creativity in the making of new styles of ketchup. Ketchup is distinctly an American condiment, and this competition is dedicated to fostering this American tradition.

The contest is open to anyone who wishes to enter. There is no entry fee for non-commercial producers in 2003. Download the entry form here (Adobe Acrobat PDF format).

For commercial producers who net under $75,000 in ketchup sales entry fee is $35. For commercial producers netting over $75,000 entry fee is $75.


Four entry categories are open.

1) An heirloom red tomato ketchup based on an historical recipe using red hued heirloom tomatoes. Use of modern hybrids will result in disqualification. Tomato varieties used must be clearly designated.

2) A non-red tomato ketchup, including use of black tomatoes, unripe green tomatoes, etc.

3) An innovative ketchup using any combination of ingredients including historic non-tomato ketchups or any other interpretation.

4) A red tomato ketchup using any variety of tomato. This category is particularly geared to commercial producers.
One, two or three, or four categories can be entered by any one company or individual.

No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavor enhancers or genetically modified ingredients may be used.

The original maker must enter the ketchup. If a commercial product it may be entered on behalf of a company with a desiginated contact person.

Two bottles of each ketchup type must be entered at minimum. Total contents should be at least 56 ounces net weight or six cups or 1.5 quarts. Additional product is desireable for audience tasting.

Commercial ketchups should have their label covered with a removeable covering such as an adhesive label.

Entrants should keep in mind the intended end use of the ketchup and include this information with their entry form. This will help the judges in evaluating the merits of each ketchup

Entries may be sent to the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy, 729 Ashley Falls Road, Ashley Falls , MA 01222 and recieved by September 5, 2003. Or they may be hand delivered to Eastover Resort from September 4-2003 to 12:00 noon September 5, 2003.

View a list of historic ketchup recipes.

Each category will have a first prize designation with optional second prize and honorable mentions awarded by the judges. Grand prize winner will also be designated. Grand, first, and second prize winners will have no entry fee in 2004. Grand prize winner will recieve two tomato Fete tickets for 2004 and ten packets of tomato heirloom seeds, and twenty pounds of heirloom tomatoes. First prize winners will recieve one Fete ticket and ten packets of heirloom tomato seeds.

Some crtieria used for judging will be:
  1. Color (red, yellow and green)
  2. Consistency (smooth, lumpy, chunky)
  3. Sweetness (neutral to sweet)
  4. Acidity (neutral to acidic)
  5. Spiciness (bland to highly spiced)
  6. Thickness (thin to thick)
  7. Hotness (neutral to hot)

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Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230